Aspectos sociales y fiscales en las minas romanas del Alto by Luis Arboledas Martinez

By Luis Arboledas Martinez

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These regions are relying on the biocapacity of the other areas of the world (Global Footprint Network 2009: 37). 5 Earths would be required to keep up with humanity’s consumption and CO2 emissions. Conversely, if everyone lived like the average resident of India, humanity would be using less than half the planet’s biocapacity (WWF 2010: 38). Capitalist development leads the planet into a fatal disaster, apoptosis. Never before in history has capitalism developed the technological capabilities it has today.

The strategy was to use force in order to achieve superiority by creating disproportions in the conqueror’s favor. The Europeans were intruding in culturally unknown lands where great civilizations were flourishing. They did not arrive to discover the world. Their adventure was, rather, inspired by the imaginary promise of wealth and power. It was confirmed as soon as they encountered humans with tan skin and adorned with gold as described in the chronicles. It was not enough for them that they were received as envoys or as great lords, which they were far from being.

This was because their technological, appropriative-transformative, and consequently depredating capacities were much below the level at which they become irreversible. Capitalism is the first system of social organization able to turn the forces of nature against themselves through a technology that explicitly aims to dominate and correct nature. Capitalism has been shaping the planet to meet the immediate, but historically unsustainable, appetites of capital. The Original Asymmetry Fernand Braudel (1979: 352–353) insists on the importance of asymmetry as a starting point in the establishment of the capitalist world-economy.

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