A Spanish Repertoire for Black by Mihail Marin

By Mihail Marin

Chess Grandmaster Mihail Marin presents a repertoire for avid gamers with the black items in line with the revered Spanish establishing, or the Ruy Lopez because it is usually known as. Marin offers the entire solutions for Black after the hole strikes 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4. This intensity of chess services has hardly been released for a mass viewers earlier than, as grandmasters often wish to maintain their secrets and techniques to themselves. The complexity of the fabric might have been daunting, yet Marin is additionally a grasp of explaining profound rules to a large audience.

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The placement of the bishop on a4 • draw . . �1j2 would not disturb Black too much since the significance of the eB-square is relatively low with the e-file safely closed. specialist Paul Keres stated that White has in the event of mass simplifications: an aspect · no real chances for success if he plays on just that Black must always guard against. At the GIle wing. If this is true (and I tend to trust present stage of the game this might sound like Xeres) then White's plan in the previous game pure fiction, but it is precisely what will happen .

Remarkably, Black needed only eight moves in order to transform an apparently chaotic position into a harmonious one. It should be mentioned that he was helped by the closed character of the position, which prevented White from launching a direct attack. We can now draw a parallel with the Old Benoni. The placement of the knight on £7 has both advantages and drawbacks. By controlling the e5-square it protects Black against the opening of the kingside by means of f4 without obstructing Black's light-squared bishop as it would on d7, but also makes carrying out the plan based on .

Was still possible, but Lilienthal's simpler continuation prevents any counterplay. iWc8t? iWf8 the bishop is hanging, which forces White to exchange queens (the last remaining dynamic element) leading to an inferior ending. %Va8 %Vc7 White has managed to defend the e4-pawn by keeping his pieces on seemingly active squares. However, his king is left almost without defenders, while Black's coordination is obviously better. iWd4 the e4-pawn is doomed. cj;lf3 ltJ b 1 (threatening . ltJd2t) 40. cj;le2 Black can push His Majesty back with 40 ...

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